Goat Milk Massaging Soap

Goat Milk Massaging Soap

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Dry Hollow Farm produces over thirty varieties of artisan-crafted goat milk soap, and these large massaging bars offer a unique skin-healthy cleansing experience. These luxurious bars of goat milk soap begin with our flock of Nigerian Dwarf milk goats, raised on pasture and browse to produce sweet, creamy batches of milk with 12-13% butterfat content.

Goat milk, in combination with our blend of olive, coconut, palm, grapeseed, castor, and sweet almond oils, provides nutrients and antioxidants that nourish all skin types. Our bars of soap produce rich, creamy lather for healthy skin from head to toe.

These bars of soap average 4.0-4.25. Please note that these bars are handmade and as such, may exhibit imperfections in the molding process which do not effect cleansing properties or use.

Per special request, other fragrances or non-fragrance may be crafted with sufficient curing/hardening time allowed.

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