Second Guessing Lambing Season


The theoretical start of lambing and kidding season was a week ago. The actual start of the season is TBA. Goats and sheep make this decision. Not me. And although I may appear anxious, I am more than willing to wait a few more days before the excitement begins.

Last year I had a set of twin day-old lambs freeze to death in mid-March when nighttime temperatures dropped unexpectedly to 24. I provided adequate shelter and hay for the ewes, but one particular mother decided a nest of leaves in a small copse of woods would suffice. It did not. Throughout the following months I kicked myself hard for not bringing them to the barn that night. But I had several ewes with lambs at the time and getting the crowd from back pasture to the barn, through three sets of gates, is challenging under any circumstance. It was a moment of questioning oneself as a small farmer, a moment of deciding you are in fact an idiot unworthy of the pursuit.

Then the months pass and October begins and you determine to start the process all over again, idiot or not. It’s a matter of hope and patience and the acceptance that you are, despite a myriad of blunders, the only one with a reasonable brain on the property.

Maybe. We’ll see.

Kathryn AdamsComment