Jacob Sheep

Jacob sheep produce a medium-grade fleece generally utilized by hand spinners for creating all-natural yarns and felting.  Ranging from black to charcoal to lavender to gray to white, our fleece tend to be open and airy with little lanolin. Washed and hand-carded fleece products are available for purchase.

Dry Hollow Fleece Offerings

All-Natural Felted Wool Dryer Balls

Our reusable all-natural felted wool dryer balls are budget friendly and environmentally beneficial by replacing chemically-coated commercial dryer sheets and reducing drying minutes.  The size of tennis balls, these dryer balls begin with pasture-grazed Jacob sheep whose fleece is hand-washed and carded before felted into soft dryer balls.  


Jacob Sheep are considered an heirloom breed of sheep, relatively rare, and an Old World descendant.  One account of the history of this breed traces its lineage to the livestock separation practices of Jewish patriarch Jacob whose story is found within the Old Testament book of Genesis. Recent genetic analysis supports a relationship between modern Jacobs and the "fat-tailed" sheep depicted within mosaics of ancient Sumerian cities such as Ur and Uruk of southwest Asia.  Today they are valued for their wool, meat, hide and horns.

Our Jacobs: A Sampling